The Goal of Sarepta is to DO MORE TOGETHER

We are a “network” of over 70 churches of all sizes, seeking to advance the kingdom of God together. We work together by choice, knowing that we can accomplish more “together” than we can by ourselves.  There are various expressions of these efforts to network together to accomplish ministry.  Here are but a few examples:

• By working together, the International Friends Ministry is able to flourish.  One of our partners provides the location, others provide transportation for students, and others provide care for the students’ children during the classes.  Our volunteer teachers come from multiple churches and the refreshments  are provided by our various network partners.
• Our Disaster Relief Ministry is manned by volunteers from many churches across our association.  These are men and women who have been trained and made themselves available to serve on the Unit-19R team of volunteers.  This ministry has touched lives in the midst of disaster all across the southeast.  The funds to maintain such a ministry come from our network partner churches.
• In most cases, our churches could not afford to purchase their own Evangelistic Block Party Trailer.  It has been estimated that to rent all the equipment in our Evangelistic Block Party Trailer would cost a church $1200.  Together, we, as a network of churches, purchased a Block Party Trailer to be used by all of our supporting churches for a small rental fee.
• Acts 1:8 conveys the idea of reaching our “Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and the remotest parts of the world.”  We are working together as a network of churches to impact both New England and Peru through missions projects. Many of our churches could not take on a partnership all by themselves.  Through our Mission Partnership Team, we work to enlist and deploy those who can assist with projects.  Sometimes that means going.  Sometimes that means giving.  Sometimes that means praying.  In 2019, twenty of our churches did more together through our partnership with Pittsburgh than they could by themselves.  There were those who gave socks for the homeless, backpacks to school children and coats to elementary kids who did not have coats.  We can do more together.  The New England and Peru partnerships begin in 2021.

Sarepta Ministries