The pastor resigns, now what do you do?

Generally, some form of a Pastor Search Team is formed by the church.  Then what do you do?  Typically, the group selected will embark on the task of collecting resumes.  However, in most of those cases, the Pastor Search Team has not taken time to ask the simple question, “What kind of pastor are we looking for?”  “What kind of pastor does the Lord desire us to have?” 

Since 2006, our Associational Missionary Strategist has trained over 70 search teams of all sizes.  He is able to provide “rails to run on” for the search process.  He leads the Search Team through a six-phase search process that includes building a profile of the pastor, a profile of the church, a profile of the community and personality assessments. 

If you are on a Pastor Search Team and would like some assistance, please contact our office to schedule a time for our AMS to come out and meet with your team.